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Sitebuilder allows the super-fast construction of a website without any specialist software or web programming. It enables you to choose an attractive template design, and put information on your own web site quickly and easily. You can maintain your web site through a web browser using Sitebuilder’s editing tools. This very website was built using one of our site builder templates!


Free SSL Certificate

Every Sitebuilder website comes with a free SSL certificate to ensure that the information transmitted between you and your users is secure.

Free CDN & DDOS protection

We also provide a CDN and Denial of Service protection free of charge to make sure your website is both fast and protected from malicious traffic.

Consistent Security updates.

No need to stress about security updates anymore. We'll take care of all the necessary CMS, theme, and plugin updates.

Responsive out-of-the-box

All our themes are responsive out-of-the-box. Regardless of device, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, your website will just work.

WordPress CMS

Our Sitebuilder platform is built on the award winning content management system you have all come to know and love. Content management is a breeze.

Simple page adding & updating

Our themes have Page Builders that make the editing and publishing experience even more pleasant and simple.


Whether you need a blogging site, portfolio site, an online store or professional website for your business, Sitebuilder is versatile enough to accommodate all of your needs.

Contact & Custom Forms

All our themes come with a standard contact form and an option to develop more complex forms using the drag and drop form builder.

Image Galleries

Easy to use galleries to organise photos and imagery on your website. Useful for showing off your products, events, photography or whatever else you need.

Social Media Integration & Sharing

Integrating with your favourite social media platforms or adding buttons to allow sharing content has never been easier.

SEO – Search engine optimised

Sitebuilder templates use semantic markup and we also provide you with the best SEO plugins to help you optimise your website for search engines.

Simple file & downloads management

Sitebuilder provides you with the necessary tools and plugins to make file and downloads management easy for both you and your visitors.

Google Analytics

Sitebuilder provides an easy way to integrate with Google Analytics in order to gather useful performance and user behaviour insights for your website.

Newsletter Subscription

Mailchimp integration coupled with a simple email opt-in plugin allows your customers to subscribe to your newsletters and stay in the loop.

Powerful comments system

Sitebuilder also enables you to engage with your audience and build communities around your content with straightforward integration with the Disqus comments platform.

Email Support

Sitebuilder comes with responsive email support to help you along as you build your online presence.